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1. Do I need a building permit?

Call Building Inspector Tony Leonard at 1-262-364-9597 or by appointment PS: if you are reroofing or replacing window and siding, YES you need a building permit

2. I want to do a controlled burn on my property, who do I notify?

Contact the Washington County Sheriff's Department (262-335-4420)and the Kewaskum Fire Department (262-626-2411)


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1. When is the solid waste/recycling center open?

*Saturdays 8:00 am to 11:00am *Wednesdays 6:00pm to 7:00pm


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1. My road isn't plowed or its drifted shut, who should I call?

Call Chairperson Scott Wollner 262-483-6720


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1. Have my property taxes been paid?? who do I call?

Call Dan Stoffel, treasurer at 262-626-4577

Town Clerk

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1. How do I get an item placed on the agenda?

Contact the town clerk at 626-2566


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1. What is the road right of way?

Starting at the edge of the road in generally 20 feet. That area should be free of brush and trees. Look around your property and clear the right-of-way.